Your Carbon Footprint and the Future

A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that each individual produces. Calculating your carbon footprint can give you a new perspective concerning how much you are really contributing to the greenhouse effect.
In this assignment, you will apply what you have learned about taking personal responsibility for your environment and calculate your own carbon footprint.
Using The Nature Conservancy Web site, calculate your carbon footprint. You can calculate this by clicking on the calculator and filling out the estimated values. Access this Web site using the following link:
The Nature Conservancy. (2011). Carbon footprint calculator: What?s my carbon footprint? Retrieved from
Respond to the following:
Describe your final carbon footprint.
Classify where most of the carbon you generate comes from.
Considering all you have learned in this course, state if you feel you have a new appreciation for your role in the environment.
Examine how you impact the environment. Do you think you impact the environment more than you should?
Describe the part of your life that is contributing the most carbon.
Propose how you can reduce this number. In your opinion, explain if it is realistic for you to try and reduce this number.

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