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Watch the following videos in the Week Three Media Enhancements link: “Memory Processes,” “Storage and Recall,” “Study of Memory,” “Stages of Memory,” “Amnesia and the PDP Model,” and “Memory and Changes in the Brain”.How do theorists in the four major psychological theories explain the role of memory in learning?

  • Films Media Group (1996). Memory processes. From Title: The Study of Memory.
  • Films Media Group (1996). Amnesia and the PDP model. From Title: The Study of Memory.
  • Films Media Group (1996). Memory and changes in the brain. From Title: The Study of Memory.
  • Films Media Group (1996). Stages of memory. From Title: The Study of Memory.
  • Films Media Group (1996). Storage and recall. From Title: The Study of Memory.

Answer the question with the given videos to the best of your knowledge, please use citations and references. 

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