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Can I please get some assistance solving these problems? Step by step explanations will be appreciated. Thank you


Apple sold about 56 million iPods in 2008, but as iPhones became more popular, the sales of iPods began to decrease. The number of iPods sold in 2014 was about 14 million. Let x stand for the number of years after 2008 and let y stand for the number of iPods sold, in millions.


John left home and traveled toward his cabin on the lake. Andy left one hour later traveling 10 km/h faster in an effort to catch up to him. After four hours Andy finally caught up. What was John’s average speed?


Maria put $55,000 in an education account on the day her daughter was born. If the account earned 4.65% interest compounded quarterly, what was the total in the account when her daughter turned 18? Round the final answer to the nearest cent.

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