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Consider a variant of the Stop-and-Wait (SAW) protocol where the full- duplex communication is possible, i.e., both sides can transmit data at the same time.

While it works in the same way as the SAW protocol, the only difference is that the sender keeps transmitting the same frame (with the same sequence number) over and over until to receive its ACK from the receiver, instead of waiting until the timer expires for retransmissions. Whenever the receiver receives a duplicate frame, it simply drops the frame but still transmits its ACK. Similarly when the sender receives a duplicate ACK, it simply ignores the ACK. Assume that each frame does not reach the receiver or its ACK does not make it back to the sender with probability 1 p, i.e., the transmission of a frame (and its ACK) is successful with probability p. Show the efficiency n of this data link protocol.

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