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Please help to write a program to perform a database backup. Generate a public/private key pair (using GnuPG, or anything else). Your backup program/script must run daily, backup a table in a database into a .csv.gz file (comma delimited, gzip compressed [do not use database specific binary formats]). And encrypt the backup using your PUBLIC key.

Note that you can use any language, database, utility, configuration, etc. (cron script or windows scheduler is ok). The key is that the backup is comma delimited (do not export to database specific formats), gzip compressed, AND encrypted with public key—and is generated daily (without your intervention). Write the program/script and instructions on how to set it up to run daily (for cron, crontab line is needed, etc., for windows scheduler, a batch file to setup to run and instruction on how to set it up in scheduler)

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