write my assignment 6651

I need to know what formula to put in the cell to get the correct answer.

ViewHistory Bookmarks Window Help66%usarmy.skillport.comlibrary.skillport.comng Calculations Using Functions in Excel 2013 (Update Avail.)ExXINext Year ProjectionFILEHOMEINSERTPAGE LAYOUTQuestionFORMULASDATATo project the increase in product numbers for next yearSegoe UIcolumn.you want to use a formula in all the cells in the Next yearPasteType the formula you enter in cell C4 to multiply theClipboardvalue in cell B4 by the percentage in cell B2, ensuringFontAlignmentthatthe same percentage will be used when you copythe formula into other ceC4upper case and do not include spathe formula elements.Type your answer and select Done1Units Sold2 Projected increaseDoneProduct- This year4 EOD00581198123HYS09825728126 LU7762487590KGS0029089548Question Status1b of 6Answer Later20DII

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