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1.) r

For the function f(x) = 2.25x, identify the function that results from the following transformation.

Shift f(x) 1 unit up, right 2 units, and reflected about the x axis.

4.) I

I1/I2) = M1-M2

where M is the magnitude given by the Richter Scale. On April 16th, 2018, an earthquake of magnitude 3.8 hit near Alum Rock CA, USA. On March 25th an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 hit near Saumlaki Indonesia. How many times greater was the intensity of the Indonesia earthquake than the CA earthquake? Round to the nearest whole number.

NOTE: Remember that the value of a log is an exponent. So M1 – M2 represents the exponent for the base of the common log.

5.) Condense to a single logarithm.

3/5 log8(m)-2log8(4n)-3log8(5k)

Please show the work for how you arrived at these solutions. Thank you!

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