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From “On Making an Agreeable Marriage” by Jane Austen —And now, my dear Fanny, having written so much on one side of the question, I shall turn round & entreat you not to commit yourself farther, & not to think of accepting him unless you really do like him. Anything is to be preferred or endured rather than marrying without Affection

Which statement best paraphrases Jane Austen’s advice in these lines from “On Making an Agreeable Marriage”?

A) Don’t keep seeing him if you don’t like him, because nothing would be worse than a loveless marriage.

B) Marrying someone you don’t really like will make you more committed to marriage.

C) It’s better to commit to marriage with a man you can endure than with one you really like.

D) It’s better to marry him than to endure dating him without really liking him.

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