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Saying that claims tend to take standard forms means that Question 2 Marks: 1 A statistic is a Question 3 Marks: 1 The term social problems marketplace draws our attention to the fact that Question 4 Marks: 1 Joel Best suggests that ____________ claims tend to work best Question 5 Marks: 1 Over time audiences tend to become Question 6 Marks: 1 When a troubling condition is piggybacking on a well-established problem, it means that Question 7 Marks: 1 ____________ would be a counterclaim to the claim that child abuse has been increasing over the last fifty years Question 8 Marks: 1 Ideologies usually emphasize particular Question 9 Marks: 1 Cultural resources are Question 10 Marks: 1 The necessity of operating within the existing cultural resources d. doesn’t limit us at all because our culture is so driven to correct troubling conditions

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