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Calculus: Gauss-Jordan elimination and augmented matrix

5. Zeynep, an exchange student at NYU from Turkey, made phone calls within the US to connectwith her friends here, to Turkey to connect with her parents, and to England to connect withher boyfriend. The rates for calls vary for the different countries. Your task in this problem is to determine the call rates per minute for the countries US (u), Turkey (t), and England(e) using the information in the table below and matrix algebra. Month Talk time within the US Talk time to Turkey Talk time to England Monthly billSeptember 10 100 200 510October 20 100 300 720November 10 20 30 90 To do so: (a) (3 pts) First write the augmented matrix that will allow us to solve for the unknowns,u, t, and e. (b) (13 pts) Using Gauss-Jordan elimination solve for the unknowns u, t, and e. Show allyour steps.

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