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clyde clerk is reviewing his firm’s expense reimbursement policies with the new salesperson, Trav Farr.”Our reimbursement policies depend on the situation. You see, first we determine if it is a local trip. If it is, we only pay mileage of 18.5 cents a mile. If the trip was a one-day trip, we pay mileage and then check the times of departure and return. To be reimbursed for breakfast,you must leave by 7am, lunch by 11am and have dinner by 5pm to receive reimbursement for breakfast, you must return later than 10am, lunch later than 2pm and have dinner by 7m. On a trip lasting more than one day, we allow hotel,taxi, and airfare, as well as meal allowances. The same times apply for meal expenses.”write structured english for clyde’s narrative of the reimbursment policieswrite structure English, draw decision table and draw decision tree

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