write my assignment 4947

I need help with this code. i have run it already and know the answer but i want someone who can tell me more about how to trace this code. I can trace it from the beginning but get confuse at the end. Please you explanation should be well understood.

def justOnce(aString):

rtn = []

initials = []

words = aString.split()

for word in words:


for letter in initials:

if initials.count(letter) == 1:


return rtn

s = ‘Seventy six trombones led the big parade’


a. [‘S’, ‘s’, ‘l’, ‘t’, ‘b’, ‘p’]

b. [‘Seventy’, ‘six’, ‘led’, ‘big’, ‘parade’]

c. [‘s’, ‘l’, ‘b’, ‘p’] d. [‘S’, ‘s’, ‘l’, ‘b’, ‘p’]

e. None of the above

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