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A 200 horsepower diesel engine’s BSFC is listed as;

0.5 lbs/hp-hour at full load (200 hp)

0.6 lbs/hp-hour at 75% load (150 hp)

0.7 lbs/hp-hour at 50% load (100 hp)

0.8 lbs/hp-hour at 25% load (50 hp)

• Assume a gallon of diesel costs $3.29 and weighs 7.076 pounds

1. Calculate the amount of fuel the engine will burn in an hour at each operating point:

2. Convert lbs per hour figures to gallons per hour of diesel fuel:

3. Convert the fuel consumption per hour to cost per hour if a gallon of diesel costs $3.29.

4. Which operating point gives you the best Dollar/HP operation?

5. Why is the cheapest operating point $/hour not the most efficient operating point?

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