Whole foods

This module explores the issues of mobile marketing strategy. A brand?s mobile marketing strategy deals with how a brand should integrate mobile apps, mobile websites, and mobile advertising to engage its present, competitive, and emerging users for both short- and long-term impacts.
1 Understand the effective use of mobile media by brands.
2 Identify any weaknesses in your brand?s use of mobile media.
3 Analyze mobile advertising strategy.
Mobile Media Analysis
For this project, you examine how your brand and two competing brands in terms of their use mobile apps and mobile websites and through comparison of their functions to identify some areas of your brand?s mobile app and mobile website for improvement. If your brand has no mobile app or mobile website, develop some design ideas for a mobile app or a mobile website, in light of the competition.
Brand: Wholefoods
Your project report should include the following:
1 Some screen shots of the mobile apps and mobile websites of your brand and competing brands.
2 Strengths and weaknesses of these mobile apps and mobile websites.
3 Better ways to engage the users of your brand?s app or mobile website.
4 If your brand does not have either, your suggestions as to the features of a mobile app or mobile website.
5 Any types of advertising that may effectively promote the mobile website and mobile app of your brand.
6 Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project.

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