Webb, Jimmy. Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting.

One source should include the book!
I also uploaded Class Review-Jimmy WEbb which is a note of my lecture (interveiw with Jimmy WEbb)
Jimmy Webb, as a legendary songwriter and Chair of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, is also a brilliant music educator.
This assignment, especially for those of you pursuing a career in songwriting and/or in the music business, will be one full of essential knowledge, perspective, passion and inspiration.
Make sure not to read this book unless you?ve already done the Jimmy Webb class. Then, read Tunesmith, excluding Chapters 4-8. (Because of the technical nature of Chapters 4-8, you are not required to read those. If you choose to read those, you can write about them separately in Extra Credit Report #2).
What is required is for you to read the rest of the book, then, answer these questions.
1)What are the five most important things you learned about songwriting from this book and why are they important to you?
2)What are the five most inspiring creative ideas you got from this book and why?
3)What did you read in Tunesmith that changed your conception of the art of songwriting? The craft of songwriting? The business of songwriting? And how will this change your approach to music and the music business?
4)What life lessons did you learn from reading Tunesmith and why are these lessons important to you?

1)Please double-space your work.
2)For quotations, use either MLA or Chicago style formatting.
3)Word count: I generally don?t like putting a word count or a minimum/maximum number of words on a report, but I would like to use the following as a guide:
First, each question in the book report should be answered in no more than 250 words.
That said, we are not grading on the quantity of the words but the quality.
We?re looking for clear & concise writing and genuine critical thinking in which you don?t just repeat information but show me how you?ve taken this knowledge in and through thoughtful writing, can now ?connect the dots? to a valuable conclusion. I want to get a sense of what you?ve learned and why it?s important to you.
Again, each question in the book report should be answered in no more than 250 words.

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