W6A2 Assignment
To discuss an ethical issue related to healthcare and apply principle of beneficence, fidelity and tolerance.
Assignment Description: A physician was recently convicted of using his own sperm for artificially inseminating his patients. He told the court that he didn?t see anything wrong with this practice because these women came to him wanting to have a child. However, his patients were unaware that he was using his own sperm for the procedure. Some of his office staff became suspicious of the physician?s methods, but failed to report their suspicions immediately. Many children were conceived as a result of this physician?s sperm having been implanted into the mothers.
Answer the following questions:
1. Is this a legal, ethical, or bioethical issue? Or does it have elements of all three issues? Provide supporting evidence for your opinion.
2. Was the office staff at fault? Who in the office would be liable if there is fault found?
3. What is the potential long-term effect for this physician’s patients and members of the surrounding community?
4. What should happen to this physician? Look at this from the legal and moral/ethical view point.

1. Use proper APA format.
2. Construct your assignment in the following way:
a. Introductory paragraph – discuss the main elements of the assignment, this is a summary of what you will be discussing in the paper.
b. Body of the paper – discuss each of the individual parts of the assignment (numbers 1 through 5 in this assignment).
3. Write your concluding paragraph in which you will summarize your discussion.
4. Reference page – on this page you will reference in APA 6 format what you have cited in the body of your paper. Your reference page should
include more than your text book.
Roach, W.H., Hoban, R.G., Broccolo, B.M., Roth, A.B. & Blanchard, T.P. (2006). Access to Health Information, Medical Records and the Law (103-245). Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett.

Harman, L.B. (2006). Ethical Decision-Making Guidelines and Tools and Clinical Care: End of Life. Ethical Challenges in the Management of Health Information (33-50; 257-274). Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett.

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