Values of the Therapist

In an ideal world, the values of the therapist would not influence therapy or the therapist’s reactions to clients. However, when therapists deny their values or minimize their views on IMPORTANT issues during interactions with clients, this can cause problems in the therapeutic relationship. In an effort to explore the many issues that can arise concerning a therapist?s values and how they affect the therapeutic process, please respond thoroughly to each of the following questions:
Do you think therapists should deliberately reveal their values to a client in therapy? If so, why do you believe this is IMPORTANT? If not, what potential difficulties might this cause for the client or the therapeutic process?
How much IMPORTANCE should a therapist place on helping the client identify and verbalize his or her values as they relate to their presenting problem?
Based upon your response to question 2, explain why a client?s value system is vital or inconsequential to the therapeutic process?
Discuss one practical strategy you could use in therapy to help identify and clarify a client?s value system without imposing your own.

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