Paper details:
Watch the Case Study Video before answering the questions:
Answer the following questions:
Explain the importance of the subtle UPS logo change. How does this relate to brand personality?
What was the promotional objective as it repositioned itself in the ?synchronized commerce? marketspace?
1) Describe how UPS must alter its message based on the following segments. Why is it important to
differentiate among these segments?
a) Shipping decision maker b) Front?office decision maker c) Small business decision maker d) Senior?level
decision maker e) End?consumer
A paper format around 3?4 pages following appropriate APA Style format is required. See rubric for grading.
Citations and references are required to reinforce your comments and ideas (looking for at least 2 additional
credible sources than the textbook). Also add a Reference Page (practice using APA style).
Avoid using 1st person style writing. Instead or using I, substitute with this author or avoid using a specific
reference. For instance, Starbucks coffee tastes great; instead of ?I think Starbucks coffee is great.?
This is an individual assignment and as such, you must not give help or receive help from another student or
Response to the case study is 3 to 4 pages in length ? to maximize points see rubric.

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