Unbillable power by Ian Graham book review

By now, you should have read most of the assigned book. When you are ready to write,

summarize what you have learned from the book. Explain what happens in the book, and discuss

the elements you liked, did not like, would have changed, or if you would recommend this book

to others and why.

Consider the following items as well:

  1. Principles/characters: What elements did you like best? Which characters did

 you like best and why? How does the author unfold the story or the main idea of

 the book?

  1. Organize. Make sure that most of your paper summarizes the work. Then you

 May analyze the characters or themes of the work.

  1. Your Evaluation: Choose one or a few points to discuss about the book. What

 worked well for you? Did the book appeal to you on an emotional or logical way?

  1. Recommend: Would you recommend this book to others? Why? What would you

 Tell them before they read it? What would you talk about after you read it?

Revising/Final Copy

Carefully double check your paper. Ensure that everything is spelled correctly, including

the author’s name, character names, and special terms. Review punctuation and grammar. Make

sure that you gave enough summary so that your reader (instructor) can tell you read the book.

You may also consider adding some interesting quotes from the reading. The paper must be

written in five to eight pages, double spaced. Be sure to use inch margins and Times New

Roman 12-Point Font. It is due on


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