To pay tribute to a person, group of people, institution or an idea.
To practice planning and delivering a commemorative speech.
To give students experience in speaking from manuscript.

Your tribute speech gives you an opportunity to formally honor a person, group, institution or idea. Choose someone, something, or an idea that has been particularly influential in your life. This could be someone very close to you, like a family member, or it could be someone you?ve met only once or even have never met. Maybe you came across an idea in a book that really had a profound influence on you.

For example, you might honor someone who served as a mentor to you as you were going through high school or college, praise a person or group who has made a difference in your life or the lives of others, eulogize a loved one who has died, celebrate the anniversary of your school, business, or church, or memorialize a significant event (e.g. ending of Vietnam War).

You must have an audience of at least 6 people over the age of 16, including your camera operator. You should pan your audience before you begin your speech, begin your speech without stopping or splicing the video, then pan the audience again at the conclusion of your speech. Failure to have less than the required 6 audience members will result in failing the assignment.
A preparation outline is NOT required. This speech should be written out and delivered from manuscript (word-for-word). The manuscript should be typed, triple-spaced, large enough font to be seen easily, and be printed out on only one side of the page. Each page should end with a complete thought. You can mark up your manuscript with reminders for eye-contact, breathing, smiling, holding up visual aids, or use a highlighter to distinguish certain points.
Use language imaginatively and use this opportunity to further experiment with using the language devices discussed in Chapter 12 of the text.
Rehearse your speech thoroughly. Practice your speech in front of a mirror or friends to increase eye-contact, enthusiasm, sincerity and conversational delivery. Demonstrate that you know the subject of your speech well by not being overly dependent on your manuscript.
Visual aids are optional for this speech, however using a visual can really add a personal touch or make the speech more memorable.
Attach your typed manuscript to the assignment in Connect. After you submit the video, there is a place to attach documents. Browse your computer to find your speech manuscript. In order for your speech to count as ?on time? you must submit your typed manuscript at the time you submit your video and by the due date on the calendar.
Practice your speech several times before you deliver your speech in front of your audience. Check the timing to know what will fit in the 3-4 minute time limit and make cuts as necessary.
After you submit your speech video, you should watch your video again, and complete the self-evaluation on Connect. This counts as part of your speech grade.
This assignment is worth a possible 50 points. Evaluation criteria include: Manuscript, Introduction, Organization & Flow, Vivid Details, Practiced Delivery, Conclusion, Time Limit, and Audience.

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