a. Discuss the overall premise of your research paper.

b. What product does the company produce, what is the companies mission? Companies financial statement data

c. Critique the microeconomic structure of our selected companies industry, (pure competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, or oligopoly), explain in detail why it is a structure that you have indicated.

d. What are the strength and weaknesses of your company. In the US Market Economy and the global Market, if any.

e. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your selected Industry competitors? In the US Market Economy and the global Market, if any.

f. What are the trends in the industry? How is the industry changing?

g. What are the causes of the changes (government regulation and policies, consumer sovereignty changes in consumer taste, innovations).

h. What are your projections based on the data research.

i. What is your conclusions.

j. Reference (please provide all notations of reference material.

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