Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Model that ensures an organisation meets the standards of Employee Satisfaction.

The goal of this research paper is to look at the sources that I shall upload and devise a Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Model that will represent the theory that is to be tested on Noor Bank through questionnaires and interviews to determine whether they meet the standards of Employee Satisfaction. Unfortunately due to time constraints, there is no time to actually send any forms to have answered, so I will require the results to say that “due to a lack of enough answers, nothing can be properly determined “(or something similar to this).

Here’s the breakdown of the paper:
-Research Proposal(250 words) (separate page):
Make note that it be mentioned that this is a “Quantitative Research” paper.

-Title+Table of Contents+Abstract+Key Words(250 words)

-Introduction(200 words):
Description of Noor Bank including its achievements and goals, stating the Broad Problem Area(“Does Employee Satisfaction affect business performance?”) and the Precise Problem Area(“Do Noor Bank’s employees have high Employee Satisfaction, and does it impact their performance?”)

-Literature Review(600 Words):
Discuss the findings from articles that shall be uploaded and how the are useful to the subject at hand.

-Theoretical Framework(200 words):
Identify the Independent and Dependent Variables, create a conceptual model to describe the correlation between said variables, which in turn helps develop the theory of how employee satisfaction is affected. I would also like it to be mentioned that this is based on “Deductive Reasoning”, since sources were used to develop a hypothesis.

-Method(500 words):
1) This is a quantitative research
2)Purpose of research and why(exploratory/descriptive/hypothesis testing/case study)
3)Type of Investigation(correlation)
4)Study Setting(non-contrived)
5)Time horizon(cross-sectional)
7)Material, or the method in which the data is to be collected(questionnaires and document analysis)

In this part, I want to say that while the questionnaires have been sent out(lets say 20 have been sent to random employees in Noor Bank), only 3~5 have been answered.

Due to the fact that we have such little data to go on, nothing definitive can be obtained from such a small sample. While the data might not be able to give us the answer we have been looking for, this paper’s hypothesis should still eligible for others to test in their own research, which should prove its case in its generalizability.


Citation of the journal articles that shall be uploaded, which need to be cited in the Harvard style of citation(will be uploaded as well).

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