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ASSE 3211: Learning Outcome Assessment II
Assignment: Short Film Project
Due Date: 3rd Nov. 2016, 11:55pm
The ASSE 3211 film project is a chance for students to think critically and creatively?as
well as add material to their ePortfolio?by learning to create video shorts. The short film is
designed to 1) continue sharpening your thinking and narrative skills; 2) introduce you to
basic video and related media technology; and 3) provide further opportunity for selfassessment.

The required output for this assignment is a brief short film, to be conceived, shot, and edited
by you using PMU?s micro studio and video hardware in conjunction with Microsoft
Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Visual Communicator software. Note that both of these
technologies allow you to create voice over, animations, and other video material. You are
not required to rely on shooting footage outside of your work in the PMU studio to
complete this assignment.
1. Length: The completed film must run at least 5 minutes in length, longer if working
in a group.
2. Personal: This assignment?s key requirement is to include your own voice,
person, and experience throughout the project. You may do this through voice
over using your own voice, appearing directly in the film itself, as well as including
your own academic content and creative materials. In short, this assignment must
include your face, your voice, and your name in the credits. If completed as a
group project, each person must be included.
3. Community: Your project should focus on some aspect of a community to which you
and/or your group members belong. Of what communities are you a part? How do
you define community itself?
4. Narrative: Your video needs to tell a story that illustrates detailed critical thinking
and careful assessment of yourself and/or a particular issue or problem. But, that
particular story is completely up to you. Regardless of what you pick, your approach
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must be personal and involve yourself, critical thinking, and assessment. Here are just
a few ideas:
a. Process: Walk us through how to do something, whether it?s academic,
mechanical, useful, or just fun. Teach us to accomplish some skill or task.
b. Self-Assessment: Walk us through a significant project you?ve done at PMU or
your job.
c. Big Idea: Help us understand an important idea or the dynamics of a complex
social issue. The focus here should be your personal connection to such an
issue. (Hint: Our online discussion sessions might make an interesting start for
this type of project.)
d. Human Interest: Chronicle an event, conduct an interview, or complete some
other type of project focused on human interaction.
e. Mashup: Mashups are video collages that use pre-existing multimedia
materials to cover a topic in a creative, quickly paced, and especially original
way. Mashups take something old and make it new.
5. Format: The film must be uploaded on YouTube in one of the standard web
audio/video formats, such as .wmv, .mov, or .mpg.
6. Copyrighted Content: Your use of pre-existing content must avoid plagiarism and
strictly maintain accepted standards for fair use.
This assignment will be supported in the course lab section, during which you will learn
Adobe Visual Communicator, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and gain access to PMU?s
micro studio and video hardware. Extensive resources about video production are available
around the Internet: Use Google. As always, be sure to evaluate your sources; some web sites
are better than others.
Students who are already proficient with another software program or set of video production
applications (for example, Apple?s iMovie) are welcome to create their project with their
preferred tools.
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker (for XP and Vista)
Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker (for Windows 7)
Adobe Visual Communicator
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Due to the size of the video file, students face the difficulty of uploading it on to Blackboard.
To overcome this problem students are required to upload their completed work on to
YouTube instead. For students who have never uploaded files on to YouTube, please refer to
the following link for guidance:
Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you will submit a Word or PDF file
cover sheet on Blackboard. This sheet must include the name and student ID numbers
of all members in your group, the title of your project, and the link to your YouTube
Date Due: Post on Blackboard before 11:55 PM, Sunday, 30 July 2016
Submission: Blackboard > Assignments > Short Film
File Name: For example, ?Lastname_StudentID#_ShortFilm.doc?
Late and Non-Functional Assignments
o Students whose video is nonfunctional or doesn?t open using standard
technologies and media players available at PMU will receive 0% as their grade
for this project. Make sure your video works before submitting it. That is, test it out
by making sure the video will play regardless of which computer is used to view it.
o Late assignments will receive 50% off, as per the syllabus. Late means posted any
time after the due date and time. Assignments submitted more than three days late
will not be accepted, for any reason.
Fair Use and Copyright
o Your video must be your own creation and produced for this assignment.
Mashups?video collages consisting of several related film clips and associated
materials?are just fine, but videos without the required significant personal content
will receive a grade of 0%.
o Copyright issues are your concern; video projects that plagiarize or violate accepted
copyright standards will receive a grade of 0%, as well as further application of
PMU?s disciplinary procedures where appropriate.
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The short film project is worth a total of 10% of the overall course grade. There are 50
available points, with grades calculated by dividing by 5 for a final score from 10%.
Length 5 Length of at least 5 minutes overall, with credits no more than 20
seconds of total.
Personal 10
To what extent did the video include your voice and face as effective
assets, and your name in the credits? (Remember, videos that don?t
include these three things will receive 0% overall, not just 0 points for
this section.)
Narrative 10 Was your story effective? What was the intellectual content? How well
did your production illustrate critical thinking and self-assessment?
Community 5 Did your work have a clear, explicit theme of community?
Technical 10
Did the assignment show basic technological proficiency? Does
everything work? Was the project completed and submitted in an
industry-standard video format?
Creativity 10 Did you move beyond the basics by adding a consistent system of your
own effects, fonts, colors, and layout? Did you use a unique approach?
TOTAL 50 [Divide by 5 to get final score out of 10%.]

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