The College Fear Factor

For this final unit of our course, we?ve been working with The College Fear Factor by Rebecca Cox.
The book looks at how students and college professors (mis)communicate with one another.
Throughout the book, Cox gives voice to students? fears about college, and she connects these
accounts to current statistics and information about public higher education in the United States. In
class, we have highlighted some of these stories and discussed some of your own fears about
college and what lies beyond earning your degrees.
While the first three units of our class have focused on argumentation, analyzing arguments and
conducting research, this last assignment asks you to consider how you have changed since the
beginning of our semester. Using The College Fear Factor as a starting place, write an essay that
responds to the text. You may choose student voices or the information Cox presents as a basis for
your response.
In the second part of your essay, go on to discuss the importance, as you see it, of composition and
the ability to evaluate arguments. If you like, you may again draw from Cox?s work for the second
part of your essay. To help you complete this assignment, you may also draw from any of the other
sources we have used in class.
This essay should:
? include an introductory paragraph that grabs the reader?s attention, presents the paper?s main
ideas, and provides an analytic thesis statement (sometimes called an integrated thesis).
? include body paragraphs that contain topic, concluding, and transitions sentences. Body
paragraphs should support the thesis statement with detailed examples from our readings.
? include a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis statement and main arguments, while
contextualizing the paper?s argument within the work we are doing for our seminar.
? be in MLA format. The rough draft of your essay should be at least four pages long

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