Why was slavery brought to America?

Question #1     Your class consists of 10 ELL’s. You will be teaching them the major content ideas from the attached 4 pages from a 4th grade Social Studies textbook. The pages focus on the two major topics of a) Why was slavery brought to America? And b) How did the slavery affect the American people? You will be using a Whole Language approach. Outline your teaching activities and techniques for teaching the major ideas. Adequate ‘preparation’ activities for content should be part of your teaching plans. Make sure that your activities are clearly stated and practical. Don’t do a lesson plan—just list your activities in a logical order. Briefly explain why you believe your methods fit the criteria for Whole Language teaching. (2 Pages) 35 pts.

Question #2   You will be using the book, The Cake that Mack Ate with your 2nd grade class, Which consists of 10 ELL students. Explain 1) how you will complete the “Golden Triangle of ESL” using this book; that is, how will you connect reading, writing and oral language. Second, describe 1 bottom-up skill and 1 top-down skill that makes sense to teach by using this book (use the Reading Skills list in your class notebook). Finally, briefly describe how these skills will be taught as part of other activities related to the book. (Several pages attached. Check the reserve desk at Shafer Library for a complete copy) (2 pages) 30 pts.

Question #3   You team- teach 3rd grade writing with another teacher. Your team teacher graduated from Tiffin University. After looking over the writing samples of both your ELL and mainstream students, it’s obvious that they all are having trouble with comparative and superlative adjectives that require –er, -est, more and most (e.g. bigger, most beautiful, etc.). Your colleague recommends that you take two 50 minute class periods to go over all the explanations and practices on the attached four pages from the writing textbook. After that, she suggests that each student writes a paragraph which compared one student in the class with another. In the paragraph, they must use at least one kind of the four adjectives covered. Evaluate her teaching plan. How might you improve her plan? Write down the steps you would recommend. (2 pages) 30 pts.

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