short description for an art or song

Final Project Proposal Assignment

1) First, please write a short description of what you want to explore with this final project.

This could be:
– a theme or topic that interests you (within or outside of the realm of dance: a moment in history, a political movement, performance art, a site-specific piece, a concept from physics, a math equation, a piece of architecture)
– a piece of visual art you’d like to work with (like the pieces we saw at KAM)
– a piece of writing you’d like to start from (a poem, your own writing, a funny story)
– your own experience (many of you wrote about how your movement and physicality have been shaped by the ways you grew up, the cultures you’ve lived in…taking a memory from your childhood, or a particular dance you do before going on the basketball court could be GREAT starting places!)
– etc. etc. etc.

2) Next, write a short description of how you are planning to work on this.

For instance:
– I plan to take a piece of writing I love by Gloria Anzaldua and pull out all the images and movement words and apply each one to a different part of my body and make a string of movements out of these. Once I have this base material, I will then manipulate it focusing on speed and my use of space.
– Or, I plan to make a dance to this song “Somos Sur”…I will use both the lyrics and the rhythm of the song to guide my movement, and then I will remove the song and try the same movement with three different pieces of music.
– Or, I plan to start from this Jackson Pollock painting I like, and to use the painting as a floor map for my spatial patterns in space. I will also look at the density of the paint and that will correlate with the speed of my movement.
– Or, I plan to improvise from the writing I have done about my childhood in North Carolina…I will film myself doing these improvisations and then try to re-learn them and set them on myself and one other dancer as a duet.
– Or, I plan to do a site-specific piece in the outdoor amphitheater at Krannert. I am particularly interested in exploring how to get my audience to view me as part of the architecture….

3) Then, write a bit about where you envision this being performed, where your audience is located, and any ideas about sound, costuming, and lighting that you might have (sound, costuming and lighting are not at all required…but you might be really interested in making a piece with a flashlight or in a wedding dress – in which case you should write about it here).

4) Finally, write about any concerns or questions you have.

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