For your final assignment you will be responsible for extending the research you began in Unit Two with the Annotated Bibliography to include one additional popular article, scholarly article, and book source as well as one non-text source such as an interview, documentary, or video. In other words, you will build off of research you have already begun in order to write your final essay (as opposed to an additional Annotated Bibliography; that is, you are NOT writing another annotated bibliography, you are just adding more sources to your Works Cited).

Through this research you will craft a five to seven page persuasive essay that engages narrative, personal or otherwise, to illustrate an argument concerning your topic of research.

You can consult the “Anecdoting” section of Adios for examples of how to engage story in making a thesis. In addition, you can revisit essays from throughout the semester for further “examples of others,” which may help you in structuring your own work.

Lastly, we will be exploring work by other authors in the coming weeks who write persuasive academic essays through personal narrative. Pay close attention to how these writers deploy “autoethnography” as a method to help them frame their personal narratives–using anecdotal evidence, first-hand experience, sociological field research, and secondary source research to support the claims they are making about culture and identity.

Your essays should include the following:

  • Style Techniques: Echoing, Freighting, Telescoping, Colon, Semicolon, Comma, Dash, Dash Skewer, Parentheses, Melted-Together Word, Metaphor, Simile, Super-Literalism, and two of the four lenses (Personalizing, Humbling, Distancing, Martianing)
  • Form Techniques: Quote Sandwiching (i.e. direct quotations and paraphrases)

Please type your essays according to MLA Guidelines, including proper formatting for quotations, citations, and Works Cited. Your essay should include at least one direct quote and/or paraphrase from each source you list on your Works Cited. Please indicate your use of style techniques (not form)using footnotes. Please indicate your thesis statement, using bold font. 

Please print out and attach the following rubric to your essay: ENGL 100_Unit 4 Essay Rubric

DUE: Thursday, December 7, 2017