Real pros and cons of illegal mexican immigrants

Instructions for Research Paper lo $13)
Pleasefollon the instructions below when writing your research paper tin addition to that ?thl’I
ls detailed in the syllabus).
0 The topic should address an issue of contemporary significance. Once you have :elected
a topic. you should ask yourself what it is that you would like to expiain In other words.
do not present a chronology of events but try to build a paper around a research question
or thesis statement.
Form and Structure
I. Your paper needs to have a title-
2. The pages of your paper need to be numbered.
3. Introduction: (i) Provide some context to your topic by noting why it is significant iii)
Try and do so in a manner that will capture the reader?s attention ( iii) State your research
question/thesis statement and note doum your argument concisely (is) Provide a road
map (basically noting down how the paper is organized).
4. Body of the paper: (i) Try and use subheadings that correspond to your road imp (ii)
Make sure to incorporate evidence that back up your research question (iii) Try and build
up your evidence systematically so as to substantiate your argument/s (iv) Cite scholarly
sources when making major claim.
S. Conclusion: Reiterate the main findings and emphasize their impact on your topic-
Sources and Citation
6. You may use whatever citation style you prefer (parenthetical notation. endnotes. or
footnotes) and you may also use whatever format you prefer (MLA or Chicago Manuel of
Style), but you need to be consistent.
7. Ifyou usepamntheficalnotafionnnkesumtokwludedmyear-oflpuflW
number/s (if relevant) within the parenthesis. You need to also include a complete
8. Newspaper and mgazine articles may be used. but not excessiyely. The majont} of your
sources should be Scholarly: books or book chapter’s. journals articles. and working
r ‘ ? ? differentiatc
y ._ y. math:

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