Project For abnormal psychology

Choose ONE of the two options below for this assignment.

Option 1- People Watching (Two Parts):
Keep a diary of your accounts of watching people. You must make at least two (2) dated entries per week in 6 weeks to receive full credit. You are to watch and record normal people (at malls, grocery stores, church, family get together), acting abnormal in some way. Each entry must be at least 1/2 page in length,typed, double-spaced.
Important: For each entry explain what makes the behavior abnormal by using one of the criteria of abnormality from either the text or lecture. OR you may also choose to watch abnormal people acting normal (in mental hospitals). Please answer the following: What makes their behavior normal in an abnormal context? For each entry students must document under what conditions or situations the abnormal behavior might be considered normal.

Summarize the diary and incorporate the following:
Describe the difficulties you encountered from this exercise. How did observing others influence your judgment in seeing normal behavior as abnormal?
Explain what criteria of abnormal behavior you used most frequently and why you relied on that particular criteria
What did you learn from this exercise and what changes do you recommend psychologists make in classifying abnormal behavior?.

Option 2- Pick a famous person with mental illness
Explain fully their symptoms of mental illness and their coping difficulties while living in the public’s eye. How did his or her mental illness influence their careers? Did their mental illness lead them into fields in which fame was important? You must have five articles references which describe this particular disorder. Paper must be 5 pages long not counting reference page. Send your project via the Module 09 – Experiential Project Drop Box with the Subject Heading as: 217 Experiential Project
Project will be Graded on the following Criteria:

Followed guidelines/selection of articles (level of scientific integrity).
Integration of lecture/book concepts/analysis/synthesis of findings.
Writing/communication quality.
Organization/presentation/depth of effort

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