New & Improved Relevance Box Essay

Proposal for a New & Improved Relevance Box

Now that you are familiar with the content of your Box and the research it is based on you are ready to give some thought to how it can be revised and improved. Based on the review you wrote up for Step 1 how do you think this box could be revised to get its points across in a more effective way to an introductory sociology student? What shortcomings have you identified in the existing box and what ideas do you have for addressing them? Perhaps organization and clarity could be improved? Maybe the examples or summary of the source materials could be more current, relevant, interesting, or easy to understand? Could it be that the current box needs to go into more depth or offer more breadth? Are there sociological concepts and ideas that might be usefully added or taken out of the box? Is the research reported up to date, interesting, relevant? Taking such questions into account write a one to two-page proposal for how you would make the box a better learning resource for students reading your textbook.

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