Neurological System

Neurological System Case Study
A 35-year-old male is admitted to a hospital following a minor car accident. He was driving home and fell asleep at the wheel. This is the third accident he has had in the past year. He also falls asleep regularly at work, at the dinner table, at church, and, in fact, anywhere. When he becomes excited or enraged, he suddenly becomes weak and falls. At night, he often has bizarre, terrifying dreams. During these dreams, he feels as if he were paralyzed.
Based on the scenario given above, answer the following questions:
��� Describe how a nerve impulse is transmitted from one neuron to the next.
��� Compare the structure and functions of the CNS and PNS.
��� What is the probable diagnosis for this man���s condition?
��� What parts of the person���s brain could have been affected?
��� What sleep state do these symptoms resemble?
��� How would an electroencephalogram (EEG) look like during the sleep condition of this patient?

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