What would you name the necklace? (Beginning)
Gold chain with an oval medallion with a 3d picture a sacred heart(god) and the virgin(guadalupe) symbolizes the catholic faith. Many people wear it to symbolize their catholic faith–everyone wears it for different reasons

Your mother gave it to you, why?(Beginning)
When she was 14, in her family…she was one of 4 children who always had things happen to them for example when she was 4. Her grandma died and at the funeral her parents told her that my grandmother was in the coffin and she went up to her and started talking to her as if they were conversing a conversation. She didn’t understand death so she thought she was asleep. She was asked to be taken home because she upset other people at the funeral. She told her parents that she was talking to her and she talked back. Also when she was little, she has a belief that witches come during we sleep and take our energy/blood?.it happened to her grandmother and woke up tired and weak?..check body to make sure you were bitten?.would wake up bruised?.bruised shaped as lips?..3rd grade,8, she got sick for 3 months?.no eating and if she would vomit..never knew why? ate jello, water,soup…doctors could not find anything wrong with her…she thought she had ?ojo? Ojo means someone admires you a lot you end up being sick because someone ends up paying attention to you
Necklace was blessed–took it to church to get blessed

Symbolized god was protecting her—from evil spirits, people trying to do voodoo, curses, harm her in any way(whether physical mental or spiritually)
She symbolized it as her good luck charm?.she lost it 2 times but she prayed to god she would find it and she found it 2 times
She didn’t lose it but it broke…now it fell and she’s waiting to take it to the jeweler to get it fixed

Did your siblings also get something similar to the necklace?(Beginning)
They had one but they chose not to wear it. Because they don’t like wearing jewelry. They didn’t believe in it because they try to find a scientific reason for it. Different mentality of what they believe in.
Cross has the power, but not the necklace?
They know what the cross represents but they dont need material things to feel god is protecting them.

Did you always believe in stuff like that?(Middle)
Yes i BELIEVED IN IT BECAUSE OF THINGS SHE HAS SEEN OR THINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED TO HER. she has had situations happen to her for her to believe it is true.

Did anyone in the family always believe in stuff like that?(Middle)
Everyone. The whole family. The generation of her and before believes in it and my generation does not. But the ones that has believed in it have had things happen to them before.

Does it relate to religion in any way? Or culture? (Middle)
Yes—it relates to religion, yes culture. We believe in it(latinos) we believe in spiritual stuff–legends, myths, superstitions

If your mother had it, did it protect her? Can you name an incident?(Middle)
Yeah. mother did not like wearing jewelry. She has no evidence…she just believes in faith.

What do you think the necklace posses? So you believe a necklace has the power to do that? (Middle)
Not a necklace, the images…what it represents?.it’s because it has their images on the medallion on if she wears it then she feels like she’s safe as if it’s her shield

Is there other objects you think have the power to do this too?(Ending)
She said no. usually people who go take things to go be blessed usually have the image of something sacred…the cross, the medallion, the picture frame, but not usual items.

Did it ever fall off? Can you explain the result when it did?(Ending)
It fell off when she was changing?..feel pain, weak, tired, she don’t feel the same. She feels like she’s carrying a big load on her back and she cant take it off. She has not had a good night sleep and wakes up every 4 hours and believes the necklace has something to do with that. She does not feel complete if she doesn’t have it on. She feels vulnerable.

So you believe in the evil? (Ending)
Yes. If there’s good then there’s evil. God—devil…
When there’s one thing, the opposite needs to exist.

Why do you think people want to believe in these things?(Ending)
Because to have extra protection, blessing, they believe in it to have comfort, faith, protection, like a prayer. Like when you pray, you feel like it’s an extra layer of protection. People need to believe in something so they don’t lose hope to persevere?..

As long as she has it, no harm can come to her. Carries it in the purse, she may not be wearing it but it still with her. When she goes out anywhere, she takes it everywhere. She did not get it fix because she wants to be there with the people when she gets it fix. She lets other people touch it but they can’t take it. She feels she doesn’t need to wear it in the house because she feels she has more protection in her home with her crosses.

Different times—different generations—- as the world changes…people’s perception of things also change…what i believe now is different now…people believe in holocaust..some people don’t?
?If it ain’t broke, don?t fix it?

Certain things can not be forced on you to believe unless you actually believe in it.
As long as the thing is working for the person then good for them.
Little things that don’t mean a lot but they do.
Every mexican has something they wear to bring protection…

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