MNGT 393: Strategic Management

Individual Written Case Analysis 20% (200 points)
This project culminates what you have learned in the class and requires you to perform a CONCISE, CHART DRIVEN strategic analysis for a company of your own choosing. This analysis should include (and each section should be appropriately subtitled as such):

1. An EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that concisely states the results of your analyses, recommendation, and action plan. (1/2 page MAXIMUM)

2. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION that includes: a) the company mission statement, b) an abbreviated company history as it specifically applies to your analysis and recommendation, and c) the company?s current business-level, corporate-level, international and cooperative strategy types. Provide brief evidence to explain WHY you think your major strategy type selections are appropriate. (1 ? pages excluding major strategy chart)

3. An EXTERNAL ANALYSIS SECTION that presents and explains the single most important and/or influential: a) general environment segment and element, b) industry five forces force and factor, and c) major competitor strength, weakness and future action. Provide brief evidence to explain WHY your aspects are important. (1 page excluding general environment, five forces and major competitor charts)

4. An INTERNAL ANALYSIS SECTION presenting/explaining the single most important and/or influential: a) firm value chain area, b) financial ratio (include a graph using the most recent 3 years vs. industry), c) non-financial factor (leadership, culture, organization, social responsibility, etc.) and d) competitive advantage analyzed for sustainability with a VRIN analysis. Provide brief evidence as to WHY these aspects are important. (1 page excluding value chain chart, VRIN chart and ratio graph)

5. An INTEGRATED SWOT CHART and discussion utilizing the results from (3) and (4) above to show how: a) ONE of the company?s major strengths enhances ONE major external opportunity and limits ONE major external threat and how b) ONE of the company?s major weaknesses limits ONE major external opportunity and enhances ONE major external threat. (1/2 page excluding integrated SWOT chart)

6. A brief discussion of what you see as the SINGLE MOST CRITICAL STRATEGIC ISSUE facing the company based on the above analysis. (1/2 page)

7. ONE new, creative STRATEGY RECOMMENDATION addressing the issue discussed in (6) above. Describe how well your strategy: a) aligns with your integrated SWOT analysis in (5) above and b) limits possible major competitor responses based on (3) above. Also discuss implementation efficiency by describing ONE specific action item (with a brief timeline) resulting from your recommendation and discussing: c) ONE resulting required major strategy change (if any) in (2) above and d) ONE resulting required 7S internal organization change. (1 page excluding a chart showing the recommendation?s SWOT alignment and competitor response and a chart showing the action item, timeline, major strategy change status and 7S area change).

This paper should be NO MORE THAN SIX PAGES LONG (excluding charts, graphs, exhibits and references) using Times New Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins and double spacing. You should also use MLA style citation guidelines with cites in the body of the paper and references at the end of the paper. Charts and graphs should be LABELED, CITED and included at the end of the paper.

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