How did medieval universities differ from universities today?

Please separate each discussion question by the week of the dicussion don’t restate the question. I would like for you to use one page per discussion question. Please use one to two sources per question and put the source directly under the question not using a separate works sited page. Please if you can find the book online or quotes from the book please do. Thank You. Please use the book for one source and a outside source for another.
Week 5 – Byzantium, Islam and the High Middle Ages in the West
How did medieval universities differ from universities today? See Jacques de Vitry’s description of medieval students ( HYPERLINK “” ) for one scholar’s description of students in medieval universities.
Discuss the differences and similarities between Western (Roman Catholic) Christianity, Eastern (Orthodox) Christianity, and Islam.

Week 6 – The Renaissance
Describe the conditions that led to the misfortunes of the 14th century and the effect of these events on the psychological and material fortunes of Europeans.
How did the Renaissance help Europeans deal with and recover from this century of material, political and religious confusion. Why did the Renaissance start in Italy?

Week 7 – The Reformation
What were the issues in the medieval church that led Luther to launch the Reformation? Was Luther a revolutionary, breaking new ground, or was he trying to recapture the basics of early Christianity?
Identify the basic causes, both political and religious, of the bitter struggles of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in France, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Netherlands. Describe the political and religious dimensions of the settlement of each of these conflicts.

Week 8 – The Early Modern World
In what ways did the new science of Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo challenge not only the Aristotelian cosmos–foundation of all medieval science–but also the claims of the church?

TEXTBOOK: Pearson Custom Library Western Civilization,
Custom Edition for Columbia College, Western Civilization I and II

ISBN 10: 1-256-55283-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-256-55283-3

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