Marketing Project

After reviewing the Case Study: Prostate Cancer Education, you will perform an evaluation of the provided marketing campaign. While performing your case analysis, please consider the following:
Examine the initial marketing campaign. What could the team have done during their initial assessment to avoid their mistake? Be sure to mention what evaluation tools or methods you would have employed to ensure you were targeting the right audience before implementing a campaign. Reflect on how you could use this error as a learning opportunity to improve future marketing campaign development.
Identify and describe at least one evaluation tool (e.g., consumer surveys) to use in assessing the quality of the marketing campaign initially proposed in the case study. You are encouraged to choose more than one evaluation tool to strengthen the evaluation. Explain your reasoning or justification for choosing the evaluation tool(s).
Explore the strengths and limitations of the evaluation tool(s) you have identified. What sort of information might this evaluation tool skip over?
Explain how you would use your chosen evaluation tool(s). When would you attempt to evaluate this marketing plan (e.g., before, during, after implementation)? How could you integrate multiple evaluation tools effectively to increase the chances of a future successful marketing plan?
Finally, identify and describe the most effective method to present your evaluation results to key constituents. Examples include charts, graphs,numerical data, and so on.

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