Legalizing Marijuana

Choose a controversial topic, but not abortion, death penalty, animal testing, or lowering drinking age. Do not pick a topic so emotionally blinding to you that you are incapable of seeing the opposite point of view. Give me a thesis statement with Plan of development. Make sure your topic has two sides; if everyone agrees with you, there’s no reason to write. It must be 750 words at the minimum. It must have a great thesis statement and a plan of development which is 3 supporting topics. Those three supporting topics must be written in their own paragraphs and also have 3 things of evidence to support them. It must be 5 paragraph, 1 introduction which includes the thesis and POD, 3 body paragraphs and one conclusion which again states the thesis. We can have up to 3 citations which must be in MLA format. Also, the entire essay must be in present tense, 3rd person and use no quotations. Everything must be paraphrased.  chosen topic is legalizing marijuana and supporting details are medical use and taxable revenue.

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