Write a Quantitative Analysis Research paper based on information provided below. This is for a Quantitative Analysis Class and the paper should be focused on QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS IN JUST IN TIME INVENTORY (JIT). IT must be written in APA style format and must pass the TURNITIN Plagiarism tool check with a very LOW score. Citation of sources and/or references it?s Critical. The sources will be verified by the instructor for validity, make sure they are valid and maintain a relation with the subject of the paper. Again! This is a requirement for a class in QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS IN JUST IN TIME INVENTORY. Be 15 pages in length, double-spaced (body only, not including other pages). A TEMPLATE OF THE FORMATTING WILL BE ATTACHED TO THE MATERIAL NEEDED TO WRITE THE PAPER THIS FORMAT IS CRITICAL AND PAPER WILL BE EVALUATED FOR THE USE OF THE TEMPLATE. PAPER MUST INCLUDE TABLES/GRAPH ESPECIALLY WHEN THE DATA COLLECTION AND DATA ANALYSIS TAKE PLACE.
Research Quantitative Analysis paper has to be very SPECIFIC, FOCUSED and GRASP of the INPUTS and OUTPUTS. Formatted in current APA format, include tables and/or figures and have the following headings:
? Introduction: A brief section that describes the symptom that you noticed, and provides readers with an understanding of the process.
? Description of Problem: Developed through the Module 2 discussion forum.
? Methodology: Developed through the Module 5 discussion forum.
? Data collection: Developed through the Module 6 discussion forum.
? Data Analysis: Developed through the Module 7 discussion forum.
? Recommendations: Your interpretation of the analysis; provides readers with your ideas of your next logical steps. This could be a formal presentation to your boss, or perhaps a team meeting to highlight the issue, or so forth.
This is what you need to write about and develop an analysis for the paper
For my research paper I will evaluate analysis techniques to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of Just-in-time inventory. Just-in-time (JIT) inventory refers to an inventory management system with objectives of having inventory readily available to meet demand, but not to a point of excess where you must stockpile extra products. Maintaining inventory takes time and has costs, which is what motivates companies to implement JIT programs.
Managing a just-in-time inventory requires significant coordination between vendors and suppliers in the distribution channel. Without this coordination and communication inventory might not be available to meet customers demand. If company buyers fail to adjust quickly to increased demand or if suppliers have distribution problems, the business risks upsetting customers with stock outs. If buyers over compensate and buy extra inventory to avoid stock outs, the company could experience higher inventory costs and the potential for waste.

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