java programing

Project Requirements
SCENARIO: A Mom and Pop used car dealership wants you to create a program that will manage their sales and inventory. They have provided a menu for you to follow.
1. Add To Inventory
2. Remove From Inventory
3. Update an Inventory Item
4. Sale
5. Daily Report
0. Exit

REQUIREMENTS: You will use ArrayLists, classes that inherit from another class (super class), loops, fields, methods, switches, comments throughout your program, error checking.
You have to design the classes and the fields you want to track.
Be able to apply discount pricing
You will have to track all sales for the day (Sold what to who and how much) and will display all sales for the daily report.
Create an intuitive interface for the user

Create an easy to read report layout (consistent spaces for each column and column headers) for the daily report (HINT: column headers you can use?auto info, price/discounted price, customer info)

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