IT Networking Assignment/coursework


9.4.1 What is the SNMP? Q
9.4.2 Explain the difference between SNMP versions. Q

NE9.5 Assign2 Device Management A OJT CORE

9.5.1 List the device management tools in your organization P
9.5.2 Explain the importance of using monitoring tools. Q
9.5.3 What are the steps to integrate the monitoring tool with the email server? Q

NE3.4 Assign3 Backup and Restore S OJT CORE

3.4.1 Backup switch configuration and show your ability to restore a switch. P

NE3.5 Assign3 Switch Port Assignments S OJT CORE

3.5.1 Show your ability to configure different Port Assignments in switches. P

NE3.6 Assign3 Switch Modes (Frames Forward) S OJT CORE

3.6.1 Configure switch mode on a given switch and explain its impact on LAN performance. P
3.6.2 From your experience explain how switches performance can be improved P

NE6.1 Assign3 Design K OJT CORE

6.1.1 Participate in Design WAN. P
6.1.2 Provide type of WAN links Terminations in your network. P

NE6.2 Assign3 Configuration K OJT CORE

6.2.3 Explain and show evidence in participating in configuring a WAN optimization. O
6.2.1 Participate in WAN configuration. P
6.2.2 Show participation in configuring your WAN device with NAT. P
6.2.4 Provide evidence in participating in configuring WAN routing protocol and give a brief explanation on the setup. P

NE6.3 Assign3 Trouble-shooting K OJT CORE

6.3.1 Show the use of debug configuration to identify/ review the current setup. P
6.3.2 Show evidence of your participation in troubleshooting wan link. P

NE4.2 Assign3 Configuration (Setup, Interfaces, boot) S OJT CORE

4.2.1 Demonstrate your ability to configure a router to interconnect LANs. P
4.2.2 Demonstrate your ability to configure a logical interfaces for a router. P
4.2.3 Configure boot sequence for a router. P
4.2.4 Configure Access List. P
2.4.5 Configure route map. P

NE4.4 Assign3 Configuration Backup & restore S OJT CORE

4.4.1 Backup and restore router configuration files. P

NE7.3 Assign3 Installation, configuration & Upgrade K OJT CORE

7.3.1 Provide evidence of your participation in installing and configuring a WLAN device. P
7.3.2 Show evidence of your participation to upgrade an OS. P
7.3.3 Provide the type of user wireless client used in your organization. P

NE7.4 Assign3 Design K OJT CORE

7.4.1 show evidence in Participating in designing a WLAN P
7.4.2 Explain the scenarios where wireless technology would be preferable than wired. Q
7.4.3 Explain your organization WLAN network. Q

NE7.5 Assign3 Troubleshooting K OJT CORE

7.5.1 Provide evidence of your participation in N
7.5.2 troubleshooting WLAN devices. Extract logs from a WLAN device. P

NE7.6 Assign3 WLAN Security K OJT CORE

7.6.1 Provide evidence of your participation in implementing WLAN security. Q

NE7.4 Assign3 Design S OJT CORE

7.4.1 Design WLAN for new location in your company. P

NE9.1 Assign3 Bandwidth K OJT CORE

9.1.1 Participate in generating Bandwidth report briefly and Explain the output. P
9.1.2 Show the ability to configure the thresholds parameter defined for the alerts. P

NE9.5 Assign3 Device Management K OJT CORE

9.5.1 Provide S/W and H/ W inventory report. P
9.5.2 List the steps to backup a configuration file. P
9.5.3 Use the management tool to push the configuration to one of the Network devices. P
9.5.4 Provide evidence of participating in integrating the monitoring tool with your organization’s email server. P
9.5.5 Define the criteria of choosing appropriate monitoring tools for your organization. Q

NE5.1 Assign3 IP Addressing S OJT CORE

5.1.1 Set IP addresses range for a group of devices in N
5.1.2 your organization. (Static & Dynamic). Maintain IP Addresses. P

NE14.4 Assign3 Request For Proposal K OJT SUPPORT

14.4.1 Demonstrate your ability to participate in writing an RFP and RFQ. P
14.4.2 List the contents of RFP and RFQ. P
14.4.3 Provide templates for preparing RFP and RFQ. P
14.4.4 Describe the workflow of RFP. Q
14.4.6 What are the automated RFP and RFQ processes and which System you are using? Q

C1.5 Assign3 Emergency Response A OJT GENERAL

1.5.1 Using reference material, describe the main elements of the emergency response procedure. Q
1.5.2 State the roles of the emergency response team during a major emergency. Q
1.5.3 Describe your role according to the emergency response procedure. Q
1.5.4 State why we have drills and exercises. Q
1.5.5 Identify the escape routes which are available for you and where you should muster. Q
1.5.6 Describe the conditions that constitute an emergency. Q
1.5.7 Identify the different warning signals for emergency alerts. Q
1.5.8 Define Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system and describe its main purpose and impact on business. Q
1.5.9 Identify the locations of your Emergency Control Centres and the Assembly points. Q
1.5.10 Identify the main elements of the emergency response procedure in your area or OPCO. Q
1.5.11 Describe common causes of leaks in your plant or OPCO. Q
1.5.12 Discuss the benefits from safety drills. Q
1.5.13 Discuss why we have pre-incident planning and assessment. Q

NE5.4 Assign4 Default Gateway Address and Layer 3 networks S OJT CORE

5.4.1 Show your ability to trace & troubleshoot data packets delivery to another subnet. P

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