Using the same areas as your MOH project I would like you to submit a final paper comparing and/or contrasting your country against one of the other countries that was presented. You do not have to pick the same country for each section if you do not want to (IE: you can compare/contract your country against Mexico for the ?Health Sector Report? and then pick France for ?Organization and Management?.
Your paper should be 4 pages single spaced. Budget roughly 1 page per heading. Please make sure you not only compare and/or contrast the two countries but conclude each section with which country you believe is doing it ?better? and explain why.

Here are the headings you need to include:
Health Sector Report
? Demographics; education; economic; socio-cultural
? Health needs and problems; health reforms or initiatives
? Vital and health statistics
Organization and Management
? Public-private mix
? Health Sector organization
? Regulation
? Financing (funding sources, insurance, cost containment, health expenditure)
Health Resources
? Human Resources
? Facilities
? Commodities and technology
Delivery of Health Services (Level of care, equity, access, quality, productivity, costs)

NOTE: You are comparing France to one of the countries listed below

Mexico, Canada, or India.

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