impact of media on society

Create a short story, but first answer this questions about the story and then write the story.

Short Story
1. Describe the problem, plot, and theme your short story will cover.
2. Describe the characters that will appear in your short story.
3. Will the story be similar to your novel or to another fictional piece that you’ve
read? How so?
4. Do you have any experience with short story creative writing? If so, what is
it? If not, how will you make sure you include the basic short story elements
and the formatting elements in your story?
5. Talk about one or two things you learned from either the Web site links
(included as in this lesson under the creative project title you chose), or
from the links listed under the Creativity section of the lesson.

this are the instruction to write the essay after answering the questions.

Short Story.
you may try your hand at writing a short story. Maybe the story will be similar in content and focus as your novel. It doesn’t have to be; but the characters, plot, and theme of the story should focus on your research topic( the topic is the Impact of Media on Society). Your short story should be 1,200-2,000 words in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point).

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