If children of divorced parents have behavioral problems


Your final paper should be proceeded by a cover sheet, followed by an abstract of your paper. Next follow the outline provided below. Use the EXACT headings provided including the A. B .C. etc. The paper should conclude with references cited in the paper using APA format.



I. Introduction / Background (Research Assignment 1)

A. Identify, describe and provide the background of a ?problem? or something you wonder about something that fascinates you about you world.

B. Research Question

C. Substantive Hypothesis

II. Literature Review (Research Assignment 2)

Find a read previous research about problem or phenomena you wonder about. This is a synthases of the articles and literature not a simple listing of the articles

III. Methodology (Research Assignment 3 A B C D E & F)

A. Restate your research question and state your statistical hypothesis

B. Method (For example qualitative, quantitative, experimental, quasi experimental, correlational, descriptive)

C. Design (for example pre test post test repeated measures design, multiple variable correlations)

D. Measurement of Variables

1. Independent
2. Dependent

E. Sampling methods i.e. how you selected people to be subjects in your research. For example probability sample, convenience sample,

F. Analysis techniques, i.e. the statistical test you used to analyze your results and thus test your statistical hypothesis.

IV. Results (Research Assignment 4)

Collect, analyze and report the results of your statistical tests. This is where you present the tables charts and graphs that were generated from your SPSS or other analytical tools / techniques. Just report what you found and your significance values

V. Discussion and Conclusions (Research Assignment 5)

Interpret finds and draw conclusions. Given the results from step 5 ask yourself the question: So what? What does it all mean? State which hypothesis you supported and why which leads to an answer to your research question.

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