human dignity and capital punishment

Students, please note:
��� The following plan is provided for you as an example only. It is designed to assist you to unpack the
case study effectively and to help you to structure your argument. You do not need to use this plan
if you feel you would like to respond to the task in a different way.
��� While this sample plan is based around an essay format, it can be adapted to suit a PowerPoint
Presentation or Video.
Before you begin, ensure you have all of the resources you need:
1. A copy of the task and assessment criteria (from the unit outline)
2. A copy of the rubric
3. Copies of the three key resources linked to the case study
4. Copies of any of the ���additional readings��� you are planning to use. These additional readings will
assist you to strengthen your argument and add depth to your analysis. If you plan to use some
or all of them, decide where they might fit into your essay: do the articles add weight to
particular perspectives, or will they help you to discuss a multidimensional approach to the
��� General opening sentence: introduce the issue that you are going to talk about
��� Explain why you believe this (your case study topic) to be an issue where human dignity is a
critical factor.
��� Outline your essay: This will be examined by exploring two (or three)* key perspectives on the
issue: Perspective 1: (explain the perspective); Perspective 2 (explain the perspective); Perspective
3 (if you are using all three); and finally, considering the importance of viewing human dignity as
multidimensional, rather than considering the perspectives in isolation.
*Note: The task asks you to analyse at least two perspectives on your chosen case. You do not necessarily
need to cover three perspectives in order to do well in this task ��� covering two perspectives in greater
depth can sometimes be more effective than exploring three perspectives with less analysis.
Perspective 1:
��� Opening sentence: describe Perspective 1 and explain how you will examine this perspective in
your essay (i.e. by exploring the following key questions):
1. What understanding of the concept of human dignity appears to be at work?
From the three key articles provided in your case study, go to the one that supports this
perspective. Explain the author of the article���s concept of human dignity, then attempt to place
that concept of dignity within one (or more) of the quadrants and justify why it belongs there.
(Note: some authors may draw from more than one quadrant when presenting their
2. What are the social attitudes, norms, or circumstances that may have influenced this
perspective? To what extent do these social attitudes, norms, or circumstances impact on the
understanding of human dignity in this perspective?
This question requires you to both explain and analyse. Do some critical thinking: what
attitudes in society may have influenced or may support this perspective? Are there particular
circumstances which may lead someone to hold this perspective? Are there particular events
which may have an influence on people and lead them to hold this perspective? Are there
some attitudes or standards which society generally holds that may give rise to or influence this
perspective? Do cultural differences play a role here? Then consider how these (and other)
circumstances can shape a person���s understanding of human dignity.
3. How does each perspective justify particular actions or choices with reference to human
This question requires you to analyse and explain. Explain how a person who holds this
perspective would be likely to act, what they would consider to be right or wrong under these
circumstances, what actions they would take to uphold human dignity.
Note: One of the ���additional readings��� might help you with your analysis in sections 2 or 3.
Perspective 2:
��� Use the same outline as above to examine Perspective 2.
Perspective 3:
��� If you choose to examine Perspective 3, use the same outline as for Perspectives 1 and 2.
Your conclusion should consist of your response to question 4 of the task
Multidimensionality of Human Dignity:
��� Now, look at the fourth question in the task:
4. We have considered human dignity and the human person as multidimensional. If you
consider in isolation the argument of each perspective in turn, what aspects of human dignity
could be jeopardised by any actions arising from those perspectives?
This question requires you to analyse and display critical thinking. Now that you have
examined each perspective in turn, you need to make an assessment as to the consequences of
only considering one of the perspectives in isolation. If we only have one understanding of
human dignity and build our perspective based on this single understanding, what aspects of
human dignity (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B) might we jeopardise? If the actions based on one of the
perspectives are carried out, are we violating another aspect of human dignity? To answer this
question, you need to refer to the sections in the LEO materials that relate to the
multidimensionality of being human and the four quadrants of human dignity. By now you
should realise that human dignity is complex, and that we are asking you to provide a response
which holds all four aspects of human dignity together, or at least reflects the tension between
all four understandings in relation to the issue under discussion.
Note: One of the ���additional readings��� might help you with your analysis in this section.
Reference List/ Bibliography:
��� Use correct referencing style throughout and include your reference list/bibliography on a
separate page

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