Hum 3710

Imagine that you are married with a traditional family. You
have, in other words, 2.3 children, 1.4 pets, a mortgage, credit
card debts, and loans for automobiles. You are, by American
standards, reasonably satisfied, comfortable, and successful.
You and your spouse like each other and enjoy each other?s
company now and then. Now, the rub: Assume that for
everyone there exists someone special. You might say, ?the
love of your life,? or ?soul mate.? Like most people, you have
never met this person; you do not really even think such a
person exists. But then one spring morning in April, you and
this person meet. At once both of you recognize that ?this is
my very special person.? In an essay of no less than 800
words present an argument considering the ethical action you
should take.

Response 7
I have made the claim that most people (I use ?most? in an
informal sense) do not think out their ethical beliefs or
positions. Most people, I have claimed, inherit these beliefs
and positions from family, friends, churches, media, etc.,
and therefore, they express little, if any, consistency. They
express but whims of the moment, so to speak. In an essay,
discuss this position, present an argument in which you
agree or disagree, or you may even argue (it should be
cogent) that if my claim is true, it is certainly not
problematic. (Papers that are successful will demonstrate
knowledge of our readings throughout the course). Your
essay should be no less than 1000 words.

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