This module will explore the sense of hearing. We begin by looking at the anatomy and physiology of the ear by watching several videos. The last video is good and enjoyable because it is a classic. Please go to:
For the laboratory exercise, you will perform a crude audiometric analysis of your own hearing. Hearing loss is becoming more common with the increased use of personal electronic devices and environmental noise. Many people have hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure and are unaware of the damage to their hearing. Please learn about noise and hearing loss by reading the attached chapter on noise and the linked OSHA article on hearing conservation and then go to the audiometer website to assess your own hearing using the Siemens hearing test.
OSHA Hearing Conservation booklet online:
Audiometer website:
After completing this module and lab exercise, please email your audiogram (results of the online audiometric test) and a short essay detailing your findings and your plan for conserving your hearing by reducing noise exposure.

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