Hospitality Finance

1. Compute the projected revenue level for July using a four-month moving average and the following sales data January $180,000 February$220,000 March$230,000 April$200,000 May$250,000 June$280,000 2. A motel has an occupancy rate of 75%, with 260 rooms available per day. At an ARR of $68; forecast room revenue for the month using 30 days. 3. Compute the variable cost per unit and the fixed cost per month for the semi-variable expense based on the information provided using the high-low method MonthVolumeLabor Cost 11500$280 21280$220 32500$380 41750$310 51250$230 4. If menu prices increase by 5% next year and volume increases by 8% beginning January 1st, forecast sales for the first 6 months MonthSalesPrice IncreaseVolume increase = Budget January35,000 February38,000 March44,500 April32,500 May48,000 June46,000 5. Use the weighted average to compute the average room rate from the following information: RoomsRate Single45$65.00 Double55$85.00 Suite15$125.00 6. Use the following information Sales = $537,000 Average Guest Check = $18.75 Food Cost Percent = 35.0% IBIT = $150,000 Calculate Break-even point 7. Complete the in/off season analysis for the following information Last YearIn-SeasonOff-SeasonIf Closed (12 months)(9 months)(3 months)off-season Sales$400,000$300,000 VC$300,000 CM$100,000 FC$ 60,000 IBIT$ 40,000 8. Use the CVP analysis method to calculate sales revenue required to achieve an IBIT of $75,000 with the following forecast data: Sales Forecast = $373,000 Variable costs = $167,000 Fixed costs = $103,000 Determine sales required to achieve an IBIT objective of $75,000 9. Calculate the payback period for the following project. Use straight-line depreciation. Purchase of equipment$100,000 Annual Savings$30,000 Depreciable life of asset5 years Salvage value0 10. Use the following information to determine the cause of sales variances: (10 points) BudgetActualVariance Room Sales463,500516,750 Information from managers budget working papers Rooms:4,500 Average room rate:$103.00 Current months statistics from the accounting department Rooms:5,300 Average room rate:$97.50 11. Provide a series of flexible budgets giving Sales, Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Net Income for the year for estimated sales levels of 1000, 1500, and 2000 units; using fixed costs of $3,000 and variable costs per unit of $3.00 assuming a sales price per unit of $5.25 Unit Sales 100015002000 Sales Dollars Variable Costs Fixed Cost _________________________________________________________________ IBIT 12. Calculate the first month?s ending cash balance for the following: Beginning cash balance of $15,000 $200,000 Sales, with 40% paid in cash. Half of the sales on account is paid equally in the month of sale and the next month. Expenses were $120,000 all on credit. 20% paid in the month of purchase and the balance paid the second month.

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