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Reflective Inquiry on “Their Eyes Were Watching God. Part one, reflective inquiry and Part Two a discussion response to the question, in complete professionally written responses, that are relevant and stay on message.

A Reflective Inquiry: Their Eyes Were Watching God, by  Zora Neal Hurston


Reflective Inquiries in the form of three – five  paragraphs.   Compose a thought-provoking inquiry along with your own analysis/reflection?  These writing assignments will help you develop the analytical skills that you use in your everyday life. 


Discussion Question

Q. In her role as Janie the protagonist character in the novel, obvious search for love, respect and acceptance, of the three relationships that Janie experienced and thinking in the commonly used  term today  of “soul Mate”, which  of the listed three(characters) partners of hers featured in the story would you consider coming close to this analogy, 1. Joe Starks 2. Logan Killicks 3. Tea Cake and why?

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