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Need help putting together part of a business report for an omnichannel pop up shop used by REI at ski areas, large lakes, and other outdoorsy areas.

The omnichannel model includes the pop-up shops having large items (canoes, skis, climbing gear) that can be demoed at these locations as well as other fitting products. If one enjoyed the product or sees a product they are interested in, the purchase process is done digitally at the shop though they would not take home the product from the pop-up shop there but place an order to have that product shipped free to their address.

The part of the report I am focusing on is the situational analysis of PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Tech, Legal, and Environment) and how each of these factors may benefit or hurt this strategy/model for REI in the United States. Need help finding ideas and sources that can help fill out this part of the situational analysis, with emphasis on environmental, economic, and social.

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