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Hello Guys,

I need one of the qustions below answered in a Essay format 

Due Feb 14, 2017 I need it before 2:00 pm 

Length 3-4 pages

It has to include a thesis and citations plus a proper bibliography 

Also let me know which question you are going to answer.

Thank you.

Answer ONE of the following questions in essay form, include a thesis and citations from the texts plus a proper bibliography citing your sources:

1)    In the Republic how is the virtue of justice connected to politics by Plato?

2)    According to Socrates what are the three essential parts of the soul and how do they correspond to the classes of the just society?

3)    How do Plato and Aristotle disagree about the role of the state and what the best kind of government should be?

4)    What is Aristotle’s explanation of the relationship between the state and the individual in his Politics?

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