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You will respond to one of the prompts below on Thursday. READ THIS: These questions emerge from the context of our class. Thus, for example, essay prompt 3, “Do stories argue,” might be open-ended, but only to a point. That is, you need to use the theory that corresponds to this question on our calendar.

1 Where do you belong within the seven traditions? Why? Have you changed your mind about where you belong within the seven traditions since the beginning of the semester?

2 How does Burke’s theory of rhetoric differ from Aristotle’s theory of rhetoric? How might you walk identification into building relationships with your peers in this course?

3 Do stories argue? Use The Breakfast Club to back your claims.

4 What is a disability and what are disability studies? What are the three models of disability? Could you apply a theory or concept we’ve studied this semester prior to Dr. Kelly’s lecture to positively change perspectives on disability?

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